The First Front Deck

“Front Deck” is a mystery story that came from my living on the top floor of an apartment building with screened porches that jutted out like shooting blinds, some of which overlooked the parking lot. I used to be aware of the neighbor below me, who came onto the deck to smoke, and I started thinking what if….

The first version of it was 25 words long and appeared in the Sisters in Crime 25th anniversary collection, 25 Words for 25 Years, made by the Guppies, a networking group within SInC. Here is that version, in its entirety:

Real Gone

Till dark he watched his neighbor pack her car: TV, desktop, expensive breakables. While she slept, lights out, he and her possessions took the highway.

But I wasn’t through with this idea, and you can see the link to the longer story at bottom right. Another neighbor-character got into the mix, and the story doesn’t turn out the way any of them expect.

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  1. Susanne Bloomfield says:

    Loved your stories and your website. I am thinking of putting one up, too, when I retire. ( ; We’ll have to talk some day.

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